The Lepidoptera Project

What is the Lepidoptera Project?

The Lepidoptera Project is a myriad of reusable modules written entirely in C# that aim to make managed game development more prevalent in the gaming industry.

Whats up with the name?

'Lepidoptera' is the scientific name for the genus family that comprises of buterflies and moths. Butterflies are truly magnificient creatures that start out as a gray, ugly, fat caterpiller but, undergo a metamorphasis and transform into a beautiful and colorful butterfly. We want our project to do the same thing to the gaming industry.

What sets the Lepidoptera Project apart?

The main thing that sets the Lepidoptera Project apart is its underlying interface. Unlike many commercial game engines that are written in C, C++, or even C with CLR extensions; our game engine is written entirely in C#. We take full advantadge of C# including: automatic memory management, exception handling, type-safety, semi-automatic thread management, just-in-time compilation, dynamic compilation, & generics.

What license is the Lepidoptera Project released under?

The Lepdioptera Project is open-source and is released under the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL).

Where is the Lepidoptera Project Now?

  • Development Status: Planning & Pre-Alpha